Alan Wake

Wakey Wakey, Eggs and Bakey

As the first game I’ve finished completely on stream in quite some time, Alan Wake was fairly enjoyable. The combat flowed well and the flashlight mechanic seemed at home rather than a hindrance. The game had a nice vibe but never felt scary. Even the jump scares failed to really get me but this might have been due to the distractions of streaming.

I will admit that I hadn’t put together the fact that Remedy was the company behind Max Payne, Quantum Break, and Control, even though I recognized their logo.

Alan’s patented face-plant dive.

The game did leave me with a few burning questions–question that were probably answered but I just missed them. Like the federal agent. What was his deal? I found his room but I never really understood his burning hatred for Alan Wake. It seemed like he was pursuing his vendetta unsanctioned. What exactly was Alan in trouble for?

The game also dropped some bombs at the end. Was Wake and his wife split up? He denied ever having that conversation and her reaction at the end didn’t seem to be in line with that.

Who knows?

Note: I wrote this up after I finished the game some time ago and am only now just posting it.

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